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  • Tile, Shingle, Build-Up, Vinyl & Metal Roofs

  • House Exterior Restoration

  • Paint Preparation

  • Lanai Enclosures

  • Pool Cage Enclosures

  • Pool Deck Restoration

  • Sidewalks & Walkways

  • Driveways

  • Entryways

  • Sheds & Carports

  • Gutters, Overhangs, Shutters

  • Vinyl, Aluminum, Concrete, Stucco

  • Wood Decks & Boat Docks

  • Fences

  • Retaining Walls

  • Railing

  • Stone & Brick Face

  • Mobile Homes

  • Condominiums

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Storefronts

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Your roof is an important component of your home. Aside from keeping the rain and other elements out, it is designed to contain the cool air that keeps us comfortable during the warmer seasons. It reflects the heat from outside and here in Florida, we certainly get our share of that!


Black stains or streaks on asphalt shingle and tile roofs not only causes your roof to look dirty, but affects the roof's ability to reflect heat properly and shortens the life of your roof.

Many people do not realize that the life of their roof can be greatly extended. Protect it by having destructive algae professionally removed. Roof cleaning is necessary to assure that you get the proper life from your roof, keep your A/C expenses lower, and for health reasons. 

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An often neglected job. Constant moisture in your gutters held by leaves and other debris can damage your fascia as well as the lower part of your roof.

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Pressure washing your house is needed when dirt, fungus/mold, mildew, algae, spider webs, wasp nests, and any other stains take over, making your house dirty and unsightly. You might think your house needs repainting when all it really needs is pressure washing. Algae feeds on the exterior surfaces of your home, including the paint. Algae also retains moisture which can cause rot on wood and paint blistering. Power washing your house will kill this algae and can save you money in repairs from wood rot and repainting. If you decide to have your home repainted you will need to pressure clean your house prior to painting. 

Some homeowners unknowingly make the mistake of having a business they hire to clean their roof use high pressure on either their shingle or tile roofs. However, many do not know that using high pressure is a mistake that is potentially very expensive. Using high pressure can do a considerable amount of damage to your home or property. Using pressure on a shingle roof removes a large percentage of granules causing the roof to deteriorate quicker. Using pressure on tile roofs removes small pieces of tile and cement and if there is a finish on the tiles (paint coat or glazing) pressure can peel the paint or dull the glazing. Make sure you contract a business that specializes in no pressure roof cleaning systems!
A lot of homeowners get nervous when they hear the term "chemical cleaning", but the fact of the matter is that chemicals are your friend if used intelligently and safely.  Using the right roof cleaning chemicals instead of a pressure washer is the proper way to kill and remove the algae growth.

Our company has a qualified cleaning professional that has over 25 years of experience, We specialize in the cleaning of roofs and we offer a NO pressure cleaning / soft wash system for your roof. In addition to cleaning your roof with our no pressure system we take every precaution necessary to protect your plants during the cleaning process. A big concern for many who consider hiring a pressure cleaning business is the fear of having their plants or other items around the outside of the home damaged. A professional contractor, like ourselves, will take every precaution necessary to protect your plants and will have measures in place to safely care for your property.

*Roofing associations state that pressure should never be used on roofs. See their websites below:

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Pool or patio enclosures grow algae  causing it to look dirty and uninviting. Algae eats away the finish on the pool enclosure and causes the aluminum to corrode. Often, there may also be a build up of leaves or other debris which can cause the enclosure's screening to be damaged. A simple power washing will bring back the look it once had. 

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Decks are for the good times with family and friends. A nice healthy looking deck "makes all the difference" to an enjoyable atmosphere. Pressure cleaning a moldy, dirty deck will also help protect the deck's paint coating from deteriorating. We also offer deck re-coating / repainting services.

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Algae grows on the surface of cement and paver stone driveways and sidewalks causing them to appear unsightly and dirty. If let go long enough they can even become a potential slippery hazard. Pressure cleaning your driveway and sidewalks can make a big difference in the appearance of your home!

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