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Will the chemicals you use to clean my roof kill my plants?

Tropical Flowers

We take every precaution necessary to protect your plants. If plants aren't taken care of properly the chemical can cause leaf damage. Using tarps to cover plants is an option. However, the preferred method is to heavily water the plants before, during, and after the cleaning process. This is the best method for protecting plants. We do everything that's necessary to protect your landscaping! 

Do you have to walk on my roof to clean it?

Corner of a Roof Gutter

In most cases, we do walk on the roof to clean it with our no pressure cleaning system. However, if a customer makes a special request for us not to walk on their roof we have the ability and experience to properly clean your roof from the ground or ladder. If this is a concern of yours please contact us to discuss options that will work for your roof. 

How often will I need to have my roof cleaned? How often do I need to pressure clean my home and other areas?

Bullet Journal

The average tile roof should be cleaned every

 3-4 years. A shingle roof should be cleaned every 4-5 years. In general, the exterior of your house, pool cages and decks, lanai enclosures, and driveways are usually cleaned every year. However, some homes can go longer in between cleaning depending on conditions. 

How can I prepare for a roof cleaning or other pressure cleaning services?

Suburban Family Home

We recommend that you remove vehicles from the driveway in preparation for pressure cleaning and roof cleaning. We also recommend that you close all windows securely and if there are any wall hangings or décor that you would like to protect please move them to a different location.

If you are having your pool enclosure and deck pressure cleaned we recommend you remove any potted plants, décor, or patio furniture that you would like to protect. In most cases, our customers leave the patio furniture in place as our cleaning does not affect most outdoor furniture and we make sure to rinse it off. We even offer the service to clean your patio furniture if needed! 

Do you clean the windows after pressure cleaning our house?

Window Cleaning

We do not offer window cleaning services, however, we do properly rinse your windows off and this should eliminate most streaking. Keep in mind, though, that city and well water will leave behind some streaking on the windows. Some of our customers, therefore, schedule a window cleaning service to come after to properly clean the windows to their liking.

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